c a n a n b e r b e r

• Born in Merzifon (Northern Anatolia), 1967 September 18
• Special award in1977-UNICEF:The Children of The World Paintings, New Delhi/ India
• Gratuated from Ege University, Engineering Faculty-Department of Textile Technology
• Production planning in textile area, Istanbul
• Living in London, 1993-97- Studying language, art-design at LondonCity Lit Institute, traveling in Europe and Middle East
• Returning home and attending verious workshop on painting, design, colours, ceramic to the contemporary artists ateliers in Istanbul
• Visiting the USA for some time, California & New England, and doing some artworks, 1999-2002

Personal Shows:
1990 TURYAP Art-Hall (Canan’s Pastels) Istanbul
2000 Asmalimescit Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001 Vakifbank Feneryolu Art Gallery, Istanbul
2001 ISFAS Izmir Art Gallery (MyMosaicMerzifon) Izmir
2002 Is Bankasi Art Gallery (Mytowers, Hometowercastle) Izmir
2003 Ziraat Bankasi-Tunel Art Gallery, (ELMAPPLE & Mytimeless Creatures) Istanbul
2003 Turuncu Art Gallery (Mytowers, Creatures and ELMAPPLE) Bodrum
2004 Cafe Sufle (Chocolate Sufle) Istanbul
2005 Bodrum Halikarnassos Art Gallery (Whatever I Consumed) Bodrum
2005 D Art and Design/Polat Towerside (Reflexions from The Brides Of Hattusha) Istanbul
2006 Iber Otel Bodrum Princess, Bodrum
2007 Hayela & Toprak Sanat Gallery (ASHK-I CANA) Bursa
2007 Toprak Sanat Gallery (ASHK-I CANA/Be My Valentine's) Istanbul
2008 AHK Art Gallery, Antalya
2004 Galerie Adler, /Orange Bride- Gstaad, Switzerland
2004 Geneve Adler Windows Show beside Adler’s “Lumieres Ottomanes” Exposition
2005 London Adler /The Brides Of Hattusha
2007 Geneve Adler /Dervishes
2007 London Adler /Dervishes
2008 Geneve Adler / Faces of Hitit Brides
2008 London Adler /Stilettos
2008 London Adler /Primavera
2008 Baccarat Interni Design/Come As You Are- Faenza, Italy

Art Performances and Cooperate Shows-Istanbul
• 5 Women & Two Hundreds Faces -World Women Day by Artisterik-2003
• 1st Istanbul of Artisterik -2003
• 1.Tunel Art Festival Artisterik organised the Artweek part of the festival Sponsored by Goethe Institut-2003
• 15 Women + 1 Man- World Women Day by Artisterik 2004
• 3.Tunel Art Festival Sponsored by BOSCH, LTB, Blaupunkt -Bosch Painting Action, Dying fridges -LTB Jeans Painting-2004
• (Ay Ay Love) Artisterik Project- 2004
• ASMA ART GALLERY- Cooperate Shows- 2007-Ofke/Anger - Kedi/Cat
• TOPRAKSANAT ART GALLERY Cooperate Shows - 2007-2008
Hotel Kempinski, Iber Princess Hotel, The Marmara Hotel, Bodrum
Mayadrom Sport Center- Mayadrom Akatlar Shopping Mall- Cafe Milagro, Istanbul
• TOPRAKSANAT ART GALLERY Cooperate Show- 2009 Nisantasi City's Shopping Mall,Istanbul
• TOPRAKSANAT ART GALLERY Cooperate Show- 2009 The Marmara Hotel, Bodrum

Other Art Works & Awards:
• Her book “Chikka Boo” is published under her written name Canan Adomilli in 1997
• She wrote some articles for the issues Sizofrengi, Utopiya and sokakTA Culture Art & City Guide, 1993-2001-Istanbul
• She established Artisterik artclub with Olca Tansuk, 2003

”Artisterik considers that art is for everywhere, and for every single human living all over the world. Artisterik Creatin'Club founded for the purpose of developing art projects and designs in a variety of media as well as painting, glass, ceramics, mosaics, sculptures and also all the dreams, ideas and imaginations.”
• 1977 UNICEF: World Children Painting Exhibiton Special Award, New Delhi/ India
• 1987 “40 Pastel Women” Published as The New Year Greeting Cards

• 1998 Production and Installment of the series “40 works of art for wards and clinics” for the Okmeydani Private Hospital, İstanbul

(Turkish Daily News, July 11th 2002) "...Canan Berber is now being exhibited at the Izmir Is Bank Art Gallery. The exhibition concentrates on Canan Berber’s acrylic towers, skyscrapers and castles on canvas. ...Canan Berber was born in Merzifon, in 1967. After graduating from Egean University’s Textile Engineering Faculty, she went to London to study language education and art, and attended art and design workshops at the London City Lit Institute between 1993-1997. After returning to Istanbul, she attended various studio workshops on design, color and ceramics. Berber uses mixed materials and techniques, including paper, glass, mirrors, stones, wood, beads, metal, acrylic and oil-on-canvas in her unique style. Towers form the main theme of Berber’s paintings, “following James Joyce’s word tower, and after the dreams of Borges’s Babylon tower.” After Canan read Borges, and “Ulysess” by James Joyce, she was deeply effected and began to paint dreamy towers, houses, castles and skyscrapers. The paintings reflect the emotional effects of daily life."

(THE BODRUM OBSERVER-Issue 12,June 2006)
"Symbols of fertility
Canan Berber was born in the centre of Anatolia, the centre of the Hittite culture.. Her works strongly reflect many Anatolian traditions and habits. As the artist says 'my soul is hatti. I was born in the Hatti country'
The powerful and always changing colour red, which is the symbol of life, fertility and growth, reminds me of matriarchal mythology and the moon goddess in her tree shapes white, red and black..
The red full moon is the symbol of her as a mature woman, goddess of love and fertility, who reigns in summer, the climax of the year. In Anatolia, the brides still wear red wedding dresses when they marry'
She is a textile engineer so she uses a variety of materials in her paintings such as tiny glass beads, papers, fabric pieces and mirror fragments, sequins and thick paint. You want to touch her collages which remind me of traditional embroideries and fabrics from Anatolia - the young women, brides' faces, the fishes and pomegranates... And the mirror fragments in her work reflect the outer world."
Bettina Franckenberg

(Issue/The Gate-2007) "Universal Love/ Canan Berber’s works on the theme of love,“Ashk-i Cana”, are on display between the 12th of February and 3rd of March at the Toprak Art Gallery. The show comprises Hittite brides, apples, pomegranates and fishes as well as ‘untimely creatures’ ‘hometowercastles’ and other fantastic elements. The artist titled her show in homage to Mevlana, who is being commemorated in 2007. Her innovative depiction of Hittite brides, queens and goddesses, based on the magnificent Hittite civilization added to the UNESCO World Heritage List recently, makes her work highly attractive."

(Adler's Invitation- 2004) " Canan Berber voit le jour à Merzifon, en 1967.
Après avoir obtenu son diplôme à la Faculté d’ingénierie textile de l’Université de l’Egée, elle part pour Londres étudier les langues et les arts. De 1993 à 1997, elle participe à des ateliers d’art graphique utilitaire au London City Lit Institute. De retour à Istanbul, elle suit des ateliers d’activités artistiques sur le design, la couleur et la céramique. S’exprimant dans un style unique, Canan Berber utilise des techniques et des matériaux mixtes tels que papier, verre, miroir, pierre, bois, perles, métal, peinture acrylique et huile sur toile."